17 Hasar Shapira Street, Rishon le Zion
17 Hasar Shapira Street, Rishon le Zion

Transmitting stations

Pest Sense

Online system

The forefront of technology in the pest control sector

The presence of pests is critical in aspects of public health and reputation, particularly at food and pharma sites.

A long response time from the time of detecting pests to discovery during periodical treatment by the pest control company allows pests to act and reproduce and exposes products and customers to significant risks.
Traditional monitoring by routine physical inspection of all measures at high frequency involves very high personnel costs and encourages increased use of poisons as compensation for the uncertainty.

most advanced technologies by wireless communication run on low voltage with very high reliability. Products that transmit to the software world’s most Compliant with HACCP principles for the avoidance and minimal and intelligent use of toxins, friendly to humans, the environment and animals.

All data gathered is sent to a secure server and warnings are sent to the customer

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