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17 Hasar Shapira Street, Rishon le Zion
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Pigeons and birds

The need:
Besides the nuisance the pigeons cause because of nesting on rooftops, in openings, windows and patios and spreading dirt and droppings (which also cause corrosion), pigeons cause a sanitary hazard that is a source of contracting various diseases. As carriers, they carry internal and external parasites that cause the transmission of diseases, itching throughout the body and sometimes rashes.
Our solutions:
We have a range of designated solutions for specific places and extensive areas, including: professional nets of various types* plastic sheets, professional spikes and more. Installation includes, if necessary, work using lifting platforms and rappelling to perform complex, high-rise works. Our company has all permits required for complex works of this type.

* On the matter of netting, it is important to warn against the use of cheap Chinese nets that are available in the market, which do not withstand weathering and crumble after a short time – we use professional nets that are weatherproof, imported from manufacturing plants that have local standard seals and a three-year warranty.

* Small birds, such as sparrows, require a denser mesh because they are able to get through pigeon netting.

Tavrua Services has a special license for a qualifying enterprise (for keeping firearms) and all licenses required for using air rifles to get rid of birds that have entered factories, stores and buildings. Whenever required, sharpshooter and trapper teams are dispatched (with nationwide coverage) to deal with the problem with a minimum reaction time. The company’s solutions and great experience in the field provide successful results in a very short time and result in pigeons and birds being removed for a long period. It also provides recommendations for necessary maintenance actions to prevent recurrence of bird infestations in buildings.

We have a range of additional solutions, such as trapping using fog nets, unique traps, etc.
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