17 Hasar Shapira Street, Rishon le Zion
17 Hasar Shapira Street, Rishon le Zion
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Tavrua Services Group

Tavrua Services Group was established in 1969, and is Israel’s leading pest control company in its field, spearheading the deployment and application of advanced pest control technologies for the leading companies and entities in Israel’s economy. Tavrua Services specializes in monitoring, prevention and comprehensive extermination of pests and provides a range of novel, environmentally friendly and professional solutions in the field nationwide. The company provides its customers consultation, monitoring, supervision, prevention and extermination services covering all types of pests, intelligently and correctly using prevention and extermination measures based on smart, advanced and green ecological technologies that prevent damage to the environment, public health and customer products. Travrua Services is the only pest control company in Israel that has been given the Golden Seal certificate from the Standards Institution of Israel for compliance with three quality standards: ISO 9001:2015 for an approved quality management system, ISO 14001:2015 for an environmental management system and ISO 22000 for a food safety management system. The company provides its services according to the strictest quality standards, including international standards, among which are HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points), and FDA and GMP (good manufacturing practice) standards. Today thousands of customers and entities from all economic sectors benefit from experience and knowledge that the group has accumulated over the years.

Tavrua Services operates a number of different professional departments synergistically. Each department is entrusted with a set of services and solutions, and together they provide comprehensive services for all customer needs, under the direction and close supervision of the company’s management.

Management: the company is headed by leading professionals in their field, with rich experience, who have grown with the company. The set of values followed by the company’s managers calls for professional service, close professional support, teamwork and personal excellence while staying abreast of developments and innovations at the international level in the field and its disciplines.

The company is headed by Roni Eilam – CEO and founder, Liran Eilam (attorney – EMBA), Dr. Roberto Della Rocca, Dr. Moshe Kostyukovsky, Leonid Friedman (M.Sc.), Ortal Eilam (B.A.), Yoni Yanovsky (qualified sanitary officer) and Tomer Rachamim.

The field teams: the regular teams consist of hand-picked, payrolled company employees, without subcontractors. The teams include experienced exterminators with years of experience in the field, who have had long training and continue to take courses and classes in the field in order to provide the best service possible, using the world’s most advanced green and technological means. Our teams operate nationwide and with very short response times to calls. The service is provided without compromises and according to the high standards that the company sets in its policy.

The headquarters: the company’s headquarters is located in Rishon LeZion’s new industrial zone and houses its customer service department, which is in charge of providing initial responses to customers, coordinating field teams and assessing customer satisfaction. Alongside it are a commercial and quality assurance department, an emergency desk, bookkeeping and company management. The function of the headquarters is to provide service, solutions and constant review for customer needs and care.

Logistics: the logistics teams are in charge with the operation of the logistic center in Rishon LeZion, are responsible for storing and conveying materials, equipment, pesticides and their distribution from the company’s stores to field teams. This is alongside inventory management, maintaining the toxic materials permit and ordering equipment, merchandise and materials and receiving them in the company’s systems.

The laboratory: Tavrua Services Ltd. has professional, advanced laboratory services headed by a qualified entomologist and zoologist with extensive knowledge and specializing in identifying insects and pests and pronouncing specific diagnoses for dealing with problems in any environment and place. This is based on familiarity with the insect’s character, natural habitat and behavior and development. The laboratory allows for early identification of pest types, and as a result studies the feasibility of performing the most correct and relevant actions for monitoring, prevention, stopping and extermination of the infestation, drawing the necessary conclusions to prevent recurrence. Other than this, the laboratory provides professional and expert opinions for legal purposes to customers when necessary.

Direct line to managers and professionals

The great emphasis that we place on the subject of service allows all our customers to enjoy full availability and direct contact with each of the senior management members who are qualified to make serious strategic decisions.

We have an uncompromising commitment to the success of the process“, says Roni Eilam, the company’s CEO and founder.

“We want lifelong customers, customers who trust us knowing that there is no conflict of interests between them and Tavrua Services, but on the contrary, they have common interests. This manifests in the senior management at Tavrua services not hiding away in a tall ivory tower, but being involved in every complex project and in every issue that troubles our customers. This is the spirit of the company that we adopt in all of our contacts with the group’s teams, with all customers, and at all levels of service providers, from the most junior worker to the CEO”.

As a result of this service concept, our customers have a long-term business partnership with us, based on quality, fairness and confidence alongside an enjoyable experience, resulting from which we have been closely supporting the large groups in the economy for decades.

Our aim is to turn the great complexity that adopting pest monitoring and prevention arrays in an organization alongside providing long-term effective solutions into a simple, pleasant experience. From the initial meeting and throughout the business relationship, the company’s managers and experts personally accompany its customers and provide them all the services they need, with nationwide coverage and a minimum response time, from professional consultation and support, monitoring, prevention and extermination actions to regular accompaniment and maintenance while providing recommendations for resolving flaws and performing necessary maintenance actions.

Key functionaries

Roni Eilam, fumigator
Founder and acting CEO

45 years of experience, one of the founders of the pest control sectors in Israel, known as one of the leading professionals in the field, has initiated and led many processes to improve service while setting new standards in the sector, has graduated from most of the courses required in the field and its disciplines and possesses all licenses required in the sector and more.
Regularly participates in leading exhibitions and conferences in Israel and around the world and has contacts with owners of global pest control companies and international suppliers.

Member of the exterminators / animal inspectors organization / qualified snake catcher / holder of a special license for a qualifying enterprise for keeping firearms – avian pest control.

older of a permit to kill rodents, kill insects and fumigation from the Ministry of Environmental Protection No. 499


Liran Eilam, fumigator
(Adv. / Executive MBA)
VP Quality and Development

18 years’ experience in execution and management functions in all activity fields of the companies in the group.

Holds a range of qualifications from leading qualification agencies in the quality assurance field. Possesses all required licenses.

Lecturer in the field of pest prevention and extermination, regularly lecturing at schools for qualified exterminators, in study days, learning centers, management forums of leading companies and corporations in the economy and periodical internal classes.

Over the years, he has accumulated extensive business connections in the pest control field in Israel and around the world, and rich experience in the development and implementation of advanced systems and novel pest control means for improving quality processes and results for the group’s institutional customers.

Holder of a bachelor of law degree (LLB) (cum laude).
Was an intern of the Deputy Attorney General in the Legal Department of the Israel Land Administration.

Holder of a master’s degree from Bar Ilan University in the senior executive business administration program (Executive MBA).

Member of the Israeli Bar Association / exterminators / animal inspectors organization / qualified snake catcher / substitute manager for special license for a qualifying enterprise for keeping firearms – avian pest control.

Holder of a permit to kill rodents, kill insects and fumigation from the Ministry of Environmental Protection No. 1678


Dr. Roberto Della Rocca
A veterinarian and agronomist
Business development manager

A public health expert with 40 years’ experience in the quality assurance field, including supervising pest monitoring, prevention and extermination actions, served as an inspecting veterinarian at a leading slaughterhouse, managed the Control of Animal Products Department at the Veterinary Services Management of the Ministry of Agriculture for more than a decade, served for many years as a quality assurance manager at the Shufersal chain, and within his functions he has led and managed projects in the sustainability, corporate responsibility, quality and health fields. A researcher in and instructor on animal behavior at the Weizmann Institute of Science and a lecturer at the School of Veterinary Medicine at the Hebrew University and in conferences in Israel and overseas on the subject of food safety and quality.

Graduate of the Faculty of Agriculture of the Hebrew University (animal unit) / graduate of a fresh agricultural produce quality inspection course / graduate of a course in council veterinary medicine / one of the founders and member of the Israel Food Safety Forum / founder of GFSI – London 2000, the most powerful international organization in the food safety field.

Holder of a permit to kill rodents, kill insects and fumigation from the Ministry of Environmental Protection No. 962.


Dr. Moshe Kostyukovsky - Ph.D.
Responsible for the stored food insects field

Specialist in supervision, monitoring, control and extermination actions for food insects, stored dry food store pests.

Former head of the seed stock and animal fodder control unit and responsible for supervising emergency stocks of wheat kernels.

International expert in dry food store pest and wheat pest insects.

Has extensive scientific knowledge in fumigation against store insects and insect growth regulators for controlling store pests.

Led and supervised many quarantine treatments including for fresh herbs and dates.

Implementation of the IPM method for monitoring and control of storage of dry food and expertise in insect free food quality testing.
Lecturer at the Hebrew University on the subject of dry food preservation biology.

Holder of academic degrees in the field of insect free food treatment, monitoring and preservation and a doctoral degree from the Volcani Institute and the Hebrew University.


Yoni Yanovsky, qualified sanitary officer and fumigator
Professional manager and inspector

16 years’ experience in the company in execution, management and supervision of complex activities in a wide range of sectors in the economy, particularly medical centers in the pharmaceutical and food industry. In the field of inspection, monitoring, prevention, extermination of insects and removal of pigeons.

HACCP team member

Lecturer in the field at learning centers, management forums of leading companies and corporations in the economy and periodical internal classes.

Graduate of a qualified sanitary officers’ course of the Ministry of Health, License No. 1236 / qualified snake catcher

Holder of a permit to kill rodents, kill insects and fumigation from the Ministry of Environmental Protection No. 1802


Tomer Rachamim, qualified fumigator
Professional manager and air fragrance field supervisor
8 years’ experience in the company in execution, management and supervision functions at premises of major institutional customers,leading the application of new technologies and advanced means at medical centers, food and pharmaceutical corporations.Manager of the automatic air fragrance services provision field in major corporations.Coordinator of exterminator hiring and training at the company.Holder of a permit to kill rodents, kill insects and fumigation from the Ministry of Environmental Protection No. 2420 / qualified snake catchertomer@tavrua.co.il
Nissim Koresh, qualified fumigator
Qualified exterminator – professional manager

13 years’ experience in the company in execution, management and supervision functions at premises of institutional customers, including Israel’s largest factories, marketing chains and hospitals.

Coordinator of professional solutions for pigeon and bird nuisances.

Specialty in accompanying and preparing for inspections and writing of sanitation reports and infrastructure surveys.

Holder of a permit to kill rodents, kill insects and fumigation from the Ministry of Environmental Protection No. 1892, qualified snake catcher


Ariel Leib-Leonid Friedman - M.Sc.
Company scientist, entomologist

Rich experience and extensive knowledge in the field of insect identification, development, habitat and behavior.

International expert and scientific research associate in the insects field in Israel and around the world.

Expertise in common insects in the Middle Eastern region climate and Israel.

Holder of a bachelor’s degree from Bar Ilan University and a master’s degree from Tel Aviv University in zoology and ecology.

Manager at the national insect collection.


Ortal Eilam
(B.A., majoring in accountancy and financing)
Business customer relations manager

More than 12 years’ experience at the company

ecializing in the field of customer relations management, adoption and implementation of engagement agreements.
Coordinator of the tendering and strategic customer retention field.

Great knowledge and experience in providing professional service to business groups, food companies, hospitals, Government ministries and major entities.

Manager of the group’s offices. Holder of a bachelor’s degree in business administration, majoring in accountancy, financing and the capital market.


Sapir Israel
Customer service manager at the company’s offices
Sapir has more than four years’ experience and thousands of institutional customers in managing the company’s institutional service arm, with courteous, professional attention. The team that Sapir leads specializes in providing regular solutions to calls from customers nationwide and tracking the performance of projects until problems are resolved to customers’ satisfaction.
Galit Ophir

More than 15 years’ experience at the company.

Coordinator of the finances and accounting field of the group’s companies. Qualified class 3 bookkeeper


Our company has professional managers and teams of dozens of qualified, skilled exterminators working as payrolled employees providing nationwide coverage.

The only pest control company in Israel that has been given the Golden Seal certificate

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