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Stored food insects (store insects)

The need:
Insect classes that have adjusted to life in places in which dry agricultural produce, dry food and pulses are stored. This class feeds, breeds and develops in and on stored food. These classes include small beetles (coleoptera) (2-4 cm) and a few other small species (6-7 mm). They tend to be dark – dark brown or black, and their small body gives them excellent ability to enter storage places and food packaging;

Moths – members of the Lepidoptera order; Psocoptera – very small insects; acari – very small arthropods, which are not insects but arachnids. This small order of insects is capable of adjusting to very difficult conditions, their small body allowing them to hide in cracks (0.1-0.3 mm) and spread over merchandise and enjoy breeding ability and food in abundance.

In Israel, many pest species are found in stored food, mainly in pulses, flour, spices, rice, pasta, chickpeas and a wide range of other food types. These insects cause heavy damage to raw materials and finished products, along with reputational damage, due to customers revulsion against insect-infested products.

Also, the presence of insects is a major factor for disqualification of food products by kosher supervisors.
Our solutions:
We have the best experts in Israel who perform supporting, supervision, monitoring and control operations in warehouses used to store pulses and dry food, using monitors specific to each insect and pest types.

These monitors are inspected by professionals at a predetermined frequency stated in the work plan, according to the customer’s data. After identification of the insect and its character, immediate treatment is performed accordingly and recommendations are given to prevent recurrence of the infestation. Localized treatment is performed as necessary.

An additional treatment is fumigation (by gas), which is performed by dedicated professional teams (with fumigation license). This can be used to kill of populations of warehouse insects in stored food.

Within the service, Tavrua Services agents will visually inspect the site when receiving goods to prevent the entry of contaminated merchandise. Also, after identification of an infestation and characterization, written professional opinions from internationally acclaimed experts in the field may be provided on the type and manner of infestation of incoming goods, in order to demand credit from the contaminated goods supplier and having its facilities inspected. A detailed report in English is also available for taking action against manufacturers working overseas and exporting goods to Israel.
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