17 Hasar Shapira Street, Rishon le Zion
17 Hasar Shapira Street, Rishon le Zion
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Disinfecting contaminations, molds and fungi

The need:

Molds and fungi form in food and pharmaceutical factories, industrial buildings, storerooms and other sites mainly where there are refrigerated rooms or areas characterized by low temperatures. These molds and fungi may grow and develop under severe, extreme growing conditions and impair the required sterility there.

Our solutions:

Specific treatments for cleaning and disinfecting without damaging refrigeration systems, merchandise and food kept in the treated spaces, giving safety directions for conduct before, during and after the treatment, recommendations for taking actions and giving a professional opinion on the manner to prevent recurrence of the problem.

Sometimes it is necessary to perform periodical treatments, and sometimes onetime treatments, according to the specific circumstances at the customer’s site.

We use professional, special-purpose tools and equipment in refrigeration halls, wet rooms and storage areas.

The common method for treating the phenomenon is by fogging. This method is based on the use of cold fogs that form aerosols throughout the treated space, allowing for treatment of high spaces that have difficult accessibility too.

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