17 Hasar Shapira Street, Rishon le Zion
17 Hasar Shapira Street, Rishon le Zion
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Leading the pest control sector

Our specialties in the institutional sector

Tavrua Services Group specializes in full application of the IPM (integrated pest management) method in thousands of leading organizations and companies nationwide, intelligently using some of the world’s advanced means and reducing the use of pesticides as much as possible, providing comprehensive solutions in all pest control fields. The company’s values are based on quality, safety and innovation. Our customers use a unique application and management software for Web-based pest control, allowing them 24/7 online tracking of pest control trends and events and findings of the monitoring array in their organization, and viewing their online pest control file, including dynamic pest control maps, pesticide documents, the company’s permits and licenses, viewing of performance confirmations and more. The company provides its customers close professional support for audits and inspections and professional and third-party liability insurance for the highest coverage sums in Israel. NIS 20,000,000.

Professionalism, quality and reliability

As part of the group’s services, Tavrua Services operates a number of companies in the field that it owns and manages for providing a supplementary, comprehensive solution in the pest control field covering 360°:

B.E Sanitation Services Ltd.

The group’s executive arm, directly employs dozens of payrolled workers (without subcontractors), including sanitizers, snake catchers, pigeon controllers and qualified exterminators. The company regularly provides pest prevention and extermination services nationwide to thousands of institutional customers in Israel and to private customers.

Ron Ltd.

Imports, manufactures and markets to institutional customers, marketing chains and pest control companies a wide range of green, environmentally friendly monitoring and prevention means, alongside advanced electrical systems and accessory products for pest monitoring, prevention and extermination.

ELOTY Pest Control College Ltd.

Deals in teaching and instructing in the sanitary pest control field, including training courses for Ministry of Environmental Prevention qualified exterminators, administering professional study days to quality managers and management forums at government ministries and major companies and organizations in Israel.

Veterinary pest control

Established by an expert veterinarian specializing in providing solutions for biting insects, fleas and ticks in the vicinity of animals. The company also provides instructing, support and professional consultation for veterinarians, institutional and private customers in this field.


The technological arm of the group, which is responsible for implementing, installing and supporting smart IOT technologies at customer sites for full remote control of monitoring means, trapping and extermination with transmissions for getting 24/7 online alerts from a specific application when pests are present.


Providing automatic air fragrance services at institutional sites by installation and regular operation of some of the world’s most advanced air fragrance devices covering a wide range of comprehensive scent solutions with many aromatic fragrances.

Our specialties in the private sector

Tavrua Services Ltd. is a leader in its field in providing services and solutions for treating sites that are sensitive in relation to health, including government hospitals, Clalit Group hospitals, community clinics, private medical centers, treatment and nursing centers, mental health centers and more.

Activities at medical centers require a lot of knowledge in the field and familiarity with all health and safety aspects that work of this type entails (diverse population: sick people, patients, children, subjects and visitors, sterile rooms, kitchens, multiple sensitive and susceptible areas in the workspace, sensitive equipment and materials, etc.).

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